About this site

Please note that this website is not currently being actively updated. To be more specific, I am not currently deliberately searching out information about new/moved/closed/etc businesses to add to/amend/remove from the map.

If you have clear and convincing proof that one of the businesses listed here has closed or is no longer vegetarian, please email me (Kake) at kake@earth.li and I'll make the required amendments. Please note that this does need to be convincing proof (e.g. a tweet from the business stating that they've closed down, a photo or Google Street View link showing a "closed down" sign, etc); I won't risk damaging someone's business by marking them closed on the basis of hearsay.

The original intention of this website was to list every vegetarian cafe and restaurant in London. It originated as a Google map, but in January 2015 I moved it over to run on its own domain using custom software.

Website created using MapSite.pm, Lora from Google Fonts, and Succulent Hues from Design Seeds.